Welcome to IPSUSA Seminars, Inc. We plan and host the biennial seminars of the International Pyrotechnics Society in the United States.

Congratulations 2018 Award Winners!

The 2018 International Pyrotechnics Society awards have been announced! The winner of the 2018 Dr. B. E. Douda Young Scientist Award is Amee L. Polk (U.S. Army RDECOM-ECBC, USA). The title of the winning paper is Pyrotechnically Generated and Disseminated Aerosol for Bio-Agent Defeat. There are two Frank Carver Bursaries this year: Johann Gl├╝ck (Energetic […]

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2018 IPS Seminar Presentation and Poster Lists Have Been Posted

The lists of presentations and posters for the 2018 IPS Seminar have been posted! These provide an overview of the upcoming seminar with the information we have available as of 09-MAR-2018. The lists are available as PDF files: Presentation List as of 09-MAR-2018. Poster List as of 09-MAR-2018. Update to the Poster List, 26-MAR-2018: P-32. […]

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