The 45th International Pyrotechnics Society Seminar took place at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, on July 10-15, 2022.

The Seminar Co-Chairs were Mr. Christopher Csernica (U.S. Army, CCDC Armaments Center) and Dr. Zachary Doorenbos (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory). Congratulations to them on a job well done!

Subjects of interest for this seminar included, but were not limited to, pyrotechnics, explosives, propellants and devices that contain these materials, the processes used to make them, and the physical and chemical principles involved in their design, characterization, reaction, testing, use, and aging.

The following information was posted prior to this seminar:

The 45th IPS Seminar Daily Agenda is now available!

Registration, Abstracts, Papers, and Questions will be handled through our Seminar Coordinator:

Linda Crouse
IPSUSA 2022 Seminar Coordinator
Littleton, Colorado, USA
Phone: (+1) 303-601-8550
Fax: (+1) 303-904-3965

For attendees and presenters from outside the United States:

In the process of obtaining your visa for travel to the United States, you may be asked to appear for a personal interview. This will lengthen the time it takes to obtain a visa. We strongly recommend starting the visa application process very early.

The most up-to-date information about the seminar will be posted here, as it is released.

Seminar registration forms are available in PDF and XLSX formats for your convenience.

2022 IPS Seminar Registration Form (PDF File)

2022 IPS Seminar Registration Form (XLSX File)

Please make your hotel reservations no later than June 7th to guarantee you have a room. Please note! The discounted IPS Seminar rates are only available for July 10-15, and extra days before or after will be at a higher rate. Below are the hotel reservation links:

IPSUSA Seminar Rate Block

IPSUSA Seminar Plus Rate Block (USA Government/Contractor Attendees Only)

Calls for abstracts and papers!

2022 IPS Seminar First Call For Papers

2022 IPS Seminar Second Call For Papers

2022 IPS Seminar Third Call For Papers

If you are applying for the Frank Carver Bursary or the Dr. Bernard E. Douda Young Scientist Award, your completed application package including a full-text manuscript must be submitted no later than January 18, 2022. More information about these awards may be found in the Calls For Papers (see above) and on the International Pyrotechnics Society’s website.

Otherwise, abstracts for oral presentations and poster presentations will be considered.

Once your abstract is reviewed, and your oral or poster presentation is confirmed, please see the guidance below concerning the proper formatting of your paper and presentation, or your extended abstract and poster. Everyone who is scheduled to give an oral presentation is expected to submit a full-length paper for inclusion in the Society’s Proceedings. Poster presenters should submit an extended abstract, which will also be included in the proceedings. Alternatively, poster presenters are welcome to submit a full-length paper instead of an extended abstract. Presentation slides (such as Microsoft PowerPoint files) will not be published.

PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR FULL-LENGTH PAPER OR EXTENDED ABSTRACT NO LATER THAN APRIL 26, 2022. Documents received after that date are unlikely to be included in the proceedings.

Send your documents, in the correct format, to

Presenter and Author Instructions (PDF File)

Presenter and Author Instructions (Word File)

Guidance for Preparing Presentations and Posters

Presentation slides may be prepared in a style of your choice. However, to ensure that we are able to project your slides at the seminar without technical difficulties, you should prepare your presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint (to create a .pptx file). If you cannot prepare your slides in that format, you may use Adobe PDF formatting instead (a compatible .pdf file).

Please bring your presentation files with you on a disc (CD or DVD) or USB thumb drive. If you plan to present videos, you should include the video files on the CD, DVD, or USB that you bring. Embedded videos do not always play properly, and this is why it is important to bring the video files themselves, in addition to your presentation file. While we will make every reasonable attempt, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to play video files if they are not in a common video format. Your presentation and video files must be delivered to the projectionist and loaded on the presentation computer at least one day before your presentation is scheduled to occur.

Posters may be prepared in a style of your choice. To ensure that your poster will fit on the poster board that will be provided, the A0 portrait format is recommended. The size of an A0 poster in the portrait orientation is 84.1 cm wide × 118.9 cm tall (which is 33.1 inches wide × 46.8 inches tall).

Information About the Location

Colorado Springs features numerous attractions!