The International Pyrotechnics Society (IPS) sanctions pyrotechnics seminars, held at various locations around the world, provided the organizers meet the sanctioning requirements defined in the IPS Constitution and Bylaws. IPSUSA Seminars, Inc. originates from the steering committee formed ahead of the “Seventh International Pyrotechnics Seminar” in 1980. This steering committee had five members: Dr. Allen J. Tulis (IIT Research Institute), Robert (Bob) M. Blunt (Denver Research Institute), Dr. David H. Anderson (Sandia National Laboratories), Dr. David R. Dillehay (Thiokol), and Dr. Bernard E. Douda (NSWC Crane). These five had also founded the International Pyrotechnics Society shortly before.

The steering committee was formally incorporated in 1999 and later renamed IPSUSA Seminars, Inc. The purpose of the corporation is to coordinate and host biennial International Pyrotechnics Society Seminars in the United States. Historically, these seminars have occurred in even-numbered years. The organization also provides printed and electronic copies of the proceedings of past seminars for the benefit of the pyrotechnics community.

From 1968-1978, the seminars held in the Unites States were hosted by the Denver Research Institute. The IIT Research Institute hosted the biennial seminars from 1980-1996. IPSUSA, Inc. (as the organization was known then) hosted the 1998, 2000, and 2002 seminars. IPSUSA Seminars, Inc. has hosted the United States seminars since 2004. Traditionally, these have occurred almost exclusively in Colorado. The First International Pyrotechnics Society Seminar took place in Estes Park, Colorado, in August of 1968. In the preface of the proceedings, this gathering was referred to as the “First Military Pyrotechnics Seminar.”

More information about the history of the seminars may be found on the International Pyrotechnics Society website.